graph TB Start[Twin Fantasy is a re-recorded, re-imagined version of Car Seat Headrest's 2011 classic. Out Feb 16. ] ==> Want{I want it!} Start ==> dontWant{I don't want it.} dontWant ==> fU(Cool dude.) Want ==>|On CD| cdInfo(It's a double CD with the 2011 version. Preorder here.) click cdInfo "" Want ==>|Digital| digitalCond{Streaming or download?} Want ==>|On Vinyl| vinylYear{ 2018 version or 2011 version? } digitalCond ==>|Streaming| streamingYear{2018 version or 2011 version?} digitalCond ==>|Download| digitalYear{2018 version or 2011 version?} streamingYear ==>|2018| newStream(Stream the first two tracks now on your favorite service.) click newStream "" streamingYear ==>|2011| oldStrean(Available later in 2018, or listen on Bandcamp.) click oldStrean "" digitalYear ==>|2018| newDigital(Preorder on your favorite store and get an instant grat track.) click newDigital "" digitalYear ==>|2011| oldDigital(Available later in 2018, or download on Bandcamp.) vinylYear ==>|2018| newVinyl(Preorder here.) vinylYear ==>|2011| oldVinyl(Available on Record Store Day, April 21.) click newVinyl "" class cdInfo link class newStream link class oldStrean link class newDigital link class newVinyl link